Business & communications consulting firm

Strategy Consulting Ltd. specializes in business development and communications strategies for small-to-medium size organisations. Our experience includes working with both public and private sector clients in Central and Eastern Europe, predominantly in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and the UK.

We have an extensive expertise in designing and executing a holistic market research. We recognize that each project – private or public – needs public support and a bespoke communications strategy. Strategy Consulting helps private companies’ successful accomplishment of private, public, government or sectors overlapping  projects. 

Efficient decision-making requires a deep understanding of audience groups, their needs and perspectives. This needs to be combined with setting realistic targets, building a strong organizational structure, and formulating appropriate marketing and public relations strategies.

Our key activities:

  • Market research & opinion polls
  • Communication strategy
  • Marketing & PR
  • Capacity-building
  • Customer services
  • Start-up advisory & investment
  • Media consulting

Key person

Martin Lengyel (45) – founder

Previously, he served as a Press Secretary of the Slovak Prime Minister. Besides dedicating his time to electoral work, Martin has launched and managed four private TV and radio stations as well as established a national weekly magazine.

His expertise lies in research, strategy development and business consulting. Beside that he has participated as a strategist in more than 50 campaigns across Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

Strategy Consulting Ltd, Palisady 23, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovak republic, tel: +421 918 648 385